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November: FREE Webinar - Introduction to Speech Recognition
September: Philips FREE Docking Station Offer
September: Olympus Trade-in Offer
September: Philips SpeechMike Firmware release
August: Is your SpeechExec software compatible with Wndows 10?
July: Philips Launches new SpeechAir Smart Voice Recorder

October: Philips Launches NEW Wireless SpeechMike Premium Air

June: Philips Launches New SpeechMike Premium Touch

FREE Webinar - Introduction to Speech Recognition

Create documents up to 3 times faster with Speech Recognition.

In this webinar we will demonstrate speech recognition with the DS9500 and app recording to show how your document will be automatically created using SpeechExec Pro dictation and transcription software. This webinar will give authors and transcriptionists interesting insights in how to optimize and speed up the document creation process.

Join us: Thursday 8th November, 12:30pm to 1:00pm AEST / 1:30pm to 2:00pm AEDT
Register now.

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FREE Docking Station with purchase of DPM6000

Follow these steps to get your free docking station:

  1. Purchase a Philips PocketMemo voice recorder (DPM6000) or a PocketMemo dictation and transcription set (DPM6700) between 1st January and 31 December 2019 (inclusive).
  2. Within 14 days of your purchase go to , complete the online form and upload proof of purchase (image of invoice). The first day of purchase as detailed on your invoice or receipt counts as day 1.
  3. You will receive an email acknowledging the submission of your claim. After verification of the claim, we will arrange the delivery of the docking station within 28 days.
See the full terms and conditions.

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Up $150 Cash Back Trade-in on Selected Olympus Products

Olympus are offering up to $150 cash back on selected products when you trade in your old voice recorder.

1. Purchase brand new, qualifying Olympus Professional Dictation recorders from an Australian Olympus Authorised Professional Dictation Reseller with an Australian Business Number (ABN) between 1 September and 31 October 2018.

Qualifying Products:

Product Code Product Name Trade-In Value per Unit
V741010BG000 - Olympus DS-9500 Professional Dictation Recorder with WiFi $150
V741020BG000 - Olympus DS-9000 Professional Dictation Recorder $75
V741005BE000 - Olympus RM-4110S USB Microphone for Dictation & Speech Recognition $75
V741003BE000 - Olympus RM-4015P USB Microphone for Dictation & Speech Recognition $75
V741002BE000 - Olympus RM-4010P USB Microphone for Dictation & Speech Recognition $75
V741004BE000 - Olympus RM-4100S USB Microphone for Dictation & Speech Recognition $75

2. Complete the online claim form found at

3. Send Olympus:
a. A copy of the purchase receipt / invoice for Qualifying Product.
b. A copy of the claim verification email (this will be sent to the email address provided when submitting your online claim)
c. Your Trade-in product. Trade-in product may consist of any Olympus or competitor’s analogue or digital professional dictation recorder. The number of Trade-in products received by Olympus must equal the number of Qualifying Products purchased during the promotional period.

Please clearly address your package as follows:
Olympus Professional Dictation Trade-in Promotion
Level 4
97 Waterloo Road
Macquarie Park NSW 2113

4. Once Olympus have received your old equipment and verified against your online claim, they will confirm receipt via email.

5. Your Trade-in payment will be supplied in the form of a Visa prepaid card within 12 weeks from the date we confirm receipt of your old equipment.

Full terms and conditions of this promotion are available at

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New Philips SpeechMike Firmware Release

Announcing the release of the new SpeechMike firmware and the SpeechControl for windows / Mac version.

SpeechMike Premium LFH3500/3600 series FW 2.60
SpeechMike Premium Touch SMP3700/3800 series FW 3.52
SpeechMike Premium Air SMP 4000 series FW 4.50
SpeechControl for Windows 4.1.410.19
SpeechControl for Mac 3.4 (11)

With this release, we now further enhance the opportunities by providing up to 6 different preconfigured button modes on the SpeechMike Premium series for Windows, Mac and web based applications. The new firmware versions provide an intuitive method to switch between the diverse button modes and for some special use cases, it will also be possible to send hot keys and to control the microphone with a single button click.

In addition, both SpeechControl for Windows as well as the SpeechControl for Mac software now provide even more enhanced configuration options to support the new button modes. For all SpeechMike Premium devices, we will also provide updated Quick Start Guides and User manuals describing the options with the enhanced SpeechMike Premium firmware.

Please find the highlights and the details of the new firmware and SpeechControl software versions in the attached release announcement or watch the recorded webinar by clicking on the link below.
Download Release Announcement
Watch Webinar

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Is your SpeechExec software compatible with MS Windows 10?

• Version 8.8: compatible with Windows 10 (Software end of life, December 2017)
• Version 10.x: compatible with Windows 10

Not compatible
• Version 5 (dongle): not compatible (software end of service, Septemer 2013)
• Version 6 (dongle): not compatible (Software end of service, September 2013)
• Version 7: not compatible (Software end of service, November 2015)
• Version 8 – 8.7: not compatible (Software end of service, December 2017)
In some cases, unsupported versions (8.7 and older) may work for a while after a Windows 10 update, but will cease working at some point due to continuous Windows updates in the background.

For further information, refer to our reference guide.

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New Philips SpeechAir Smart Voice Recorder

Professional voice recorder with touchscreen, slide-switch operation, Wi-Fi and camera available now

Speech Processing Solutions, the world number one in professional dictation, has just launched its latest smart voice recorder, the Philips SpeechAir 2000 series. The new recorder features three professional microphones optimized for high-quality voice recording, is Wi-Fi-ready and comes with more battery power and an all-improved camera.

“The Philips SpeechAir is the perfect voice recorder with Wi-Fi. It is the ideal tool for any business, legal or healthcare professional looking to save time by recording their voice instead of typing” explains Dr. Thomas Brauner, CEO of Speech Processing Solutions.

Excellent audio quality and full mobility

The 2nd generation Philips SpeechAir Smart Voice Recorder comes with new features, such as an even more powerful hardware, a longer lasting battery and an increased Wi-Fi range. The device now also comes with an improved camera for better photos and even quicker barcode scanning. The new Dictation Mode allows a user to disable all functions and keys irrelevant for dictating to his or her employees, letting them focus on recording only.

The gorilla touch screen and shockproof housing combined with the carefully designed ergonomics make the Philips SpeechAir ultra-durable and suitable for even extended daily use. “Philips SpeechAir meets all the demands of a professional and mobile voice recorder. Users can save time by working on the go from virtually anywhere.” adds Dr. Brauner.

Maximum security for private data

“We take data security very seriously. This is why both our Philips SpeechAir as well as our workflow and transcription software live up to the highest security and data privacy standards. Dictations are encrypted in real-time using 256 bit technology and the device itself can be protected through an individual password, pin or pattern” adds Dr. Brauner. The new power saving feature enables users to define a time, after which the device turns itself off automatically, if left idle. This is useful for both battery saving and security reasons.

Easy to integrate into existing IT systems

The dictation recorder is easy to integrate into users’ IT infrastructures, and works in harmony with existing software, both in large hospitals or small businesses. Thanks to its Android operating system, third-party apps can be effortlessly installed on the device, allowing for customization of the device to meet each company’s demands. The SpeechAir Smart Voice Recorder is ideally suited to be combined with a workflow solution such as Philips SpeechLive, which enables users to send their dictations directly to trained transcription professionals and receive their transcribed files back to their device quickly.

Buy the SpeechAir here.

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RevolutionAir: Philips launches a brand-new wireless SpeechMike Premium Air

Vienna, 24th October 2017, Speech Processing Solutions, the world’s number one in professional dictation, has just released its latest innovation, the wireless SpeechMike Premium Air dictation microphone.

For the first time in history, the new device offers not only outstanding audio recording quality, enabling exceptional speech recognition results, best in class quality and ergonomics, but also a wireless dictation microphone, based on 100% lossless speech technology. The dictation microphone allows users to quickly turn their voice into text, saving them time and making them more effective at their core profession.

Lossless speech technology

The high-quality device delivers maximum mobility without any compromises. Dr Thomas Brauner, CEO of Speech Processing Solutions explains: “Our unique new device allows users to benefit from all advantages of the industry leading Philips SpeechMike Premium, without the constraints of a cable”. The new Philips SpeechMike Premium Air uses a unique lossless speech technology, which enables users to work cable-free and without any signal interruptions, up to five meters away from their workstations.

New mobility in dictation

The included docking station provides wireless charging under three hours and instant pairing between the user’s device and the dock. “The charged device can easily be used for up to 24 hours. This is especially useful for heavy users in hospitals, legal practices and other roles which carry a high administrative burden” adds Dr Brauner. Together with a foot control, the SpeechMike Premium Air docking station even enables hands-free recording.

Studio-quality microphone designed for speech recognition

The free-floating decoupled microphone in the SpeechMike Premium Air is equipped with a special noise cancelling “pop filter” and distinctive hexagonal grill openings, which allow three times more sound to reach the microphone, compared to its predecessor. All these unique features guarantee that no background, touch, click, air or structure-borne noise is recorded. This helps users achieve high-quality audio recordings, enabling exceptional speech recognition results.

Easy plug & play including pre-configured button modes

The SpeechMike Premium Air supports plug & play functionality and is fully compatible with previous SpeechMike versions. An office or practice can work seamlessly together, even when employees are using different models. The SpeechMike Air also features pre-configured button modes, catered for the needs of leading speech recognition solutions.

The device also works perfectly with the latest Philips SpeechExec Pro software with integrated professional speech recognition for example, as well as with the Philips’ cloud-based dictation workflow solution SpeechLive. Amongst many of its features, SpeechLive offers a professional transcriptionist service, where trained typists transcribe the recordings as well as built-in speech recognition.

„Once you’ve tried the new SpeechMike Premium Air and experience its uncontested ease of use, outstanding speech recognition performance and have the opportunity to stand up and walk around in your office while recording, you will never want to change back to a corded device! This is the break through our customers and the entire speech industry has been waiting for!” Dr Brauner concludes.

Buy the SpeechMike Premium Air here.

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SpeechMike Premium Touch launched

Philips sets new standards with its latest dictation microphone

Speech Processing Solutions, the international leader in professional dictation, just launched a new dictation microphone. The improved SpeechMike Premium Touch comes with an innovative touch sensor for optimized and ergonomic navigation, including reduced thumb movement, and an enhanced barcode scanner for quick and easy file association. In addition to these user-friendly updates, the device can scan even more types of bar- and QR codes than its predecessor. The SpeechMike Premium Touch dictation microphone lets healthcare, legal and business professionals dictate their documents, saving them time and resources by allowing them to accomplish their core tasks – benefits that can be directly passed on to their clients.

Renowned for its superior microphone quality

The Philips SpeechMike Premium has long been known for its crystal-clear recording quality, and sets the standard for dictation devices worldwide. The free-floating microphone guarantees that almost no background, touch, click, air or structure-borne noise is recorded. “The SpeechMike Premium has established itself as THE benchmark for professional dictation microphones in the industry,” said Dr. Thomas Brauner, CEO of Speech Processing Solutions. “Unrivaled recording quality and noise canceling capabilities, as well as its perfect ergonomics and the antimicrobial surface make it a perfect tool for professional dictation users. These functions are especially helpful for attorneys and medical personnel.”

Focus on content

The new device is equipped with a durable touch sensor. Users can accurately control their mouse cursor using the new SpeechMike Premium Touch. This allows them to easily use and navigate within applications while recording, without having to switch between the mouse and microphone. Less frequently used functions are placed above or below the sensor, and clearly delineated. Clearly marked distances and different shapes are perfect for operating the device without constantly looking down. Even the Premium Touch’s flip side is optimized for ergonomic and easy use: “Trigger” and “Command” buttons are placed just right to prevent unwanted activation. The key is to focus on content rather than complicated usage instructions. Configurable functions permit a personalized workflow,

and an integrated movement sensor that mutes the microphone when not in use adds a finishing touch. “The new features guarantee smooth and convenient operation, even when recording over longer periods of time every day. The Premium Touch can also read more barcodes than its predecessor, allowing end users to quickly categorize and associate client and patient data. The results are enhanced security and potential cost savings,” said Brauner.

Speech to text made easy

Philips SpeechMike Premium Touch makes going from recording your voice to a written document a simple process. The dictation microphone is easy to integrate into users’ IT infrastructures, and works in harmony with existing software, both in large hospitals or small businesses. Thanks to the excellent recording quality, Philips SpeechMike Premium Touch is perfectly suited for transcription, whether by an assistant, speech recognition software, or Philips dictation workflow solutions such as SpeechLive and SpeechExec.

Buy the SpeechMike Premium Touch here.

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